Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Psychology and Education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Granada; Professor in the module "Processes educational guidance and educational psychology counseling. Educational guidance specialty "Master of University Professors Officer Professors of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Languages School.

Research and education coordinator in different projects funded by the European Union on citizenship, democratic participation and integration of multicultural 2nd generations in the host countries; as well as participating in several teaching innovation projects and improve the quality of teaching.

Reviewer for several scientific journals (Journal of Social Sciences Open, European Scientific Journal and Education and Educators) has worked in the Electronic Journal of Research and creative teaching "ReiDoCrea".

He has also collaborated with the Training and Doctrine Command (Center for Training and Doctrine Spanish Army) and the Mediterranean Center of the University of Granada in the preparation of the book "Leaders in the service of society"; coordinator and author of book chapters in other publications and several articles currently underway. The main lines of research which focuses its work are: leadership, quality of education, non-formal education, educational inclusion; transdisciplinarity; educational psychology, counseling.